Saturday, August 1, 2015

Absolute Power Coming Soon

I'm in the midst of putting some of the finishing touches on Absolute Power, the first longer sourcebook for Sentinels of Echo City. I'm very excited about how this book is coming together, for a number of reasons:

- It includes dozens of new traits, talents, limitations and drawbacks that increase the scope and breadth of the game in nifty ways.
- It unifies all of the character creation options into one format, giving you far more flexibility in the character creation process, but with more direct guidance into each step.
- It makes it even more fun to build a character. Feedback received on the core rules has often reflected on how much fun character creation is. This sourcebook turns that up to 11.

I've decided to release this as a pay-what-you-want download. This is not only a great introduction to the game (serving as a 'players guide' that will hopefully help more people to discover it), but is also a fun way to kill an evening, picking up a set of dice and rolling up a number of oddball superheroes. I think you're going to enjoy playing with this.

I hope to have it up in the next few days... stay tuned!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Echo City Team Up #1

Echo City Team Up #1 is now up, and it's a pay-what-you-want download. This means that if you DON'T pick it up, you are saying that my work is not worth your bandwidth and a little bit of storage space. And that's just insulting...

The Junkyard Dawg has been supplying weapons to the criminal underworld, and it's time that someone dries up that pipeline. Two Heroes You Can Hire seem up to the task.

This pay-what-you-want download is an adventure supplement for the Sentinels of Echo City superhero RPG. Although you need those rules to play this adventure, the content is easily customizable to your superhero game of choice... which SHOULD be Sentinels of Echo City now that I think about it, so then you're all set.

Sentinels of Echo City Phase One Plans

Inspired by the meticulous planning to release Marvel Cinematic Universe films for the rest of my natural life, I decided to lay out a road map for Sentinels of Echo City's Phase One, taking us through the next twelve months...

Echo City Team Up will be 10-page adventures offered as pay-what-you-want plugins for the game. These include a few new characters, a scenario/setting, and a new trait or talent (or a few).

Sentinel Supplements will be 24-page expansions to the core rules, providing expansions to the core game or larger chunks of new material to increase the scope of the core rules. I see these as $1 downloads.

The first issue of Echo City Team Up goes live tonight!

If I could complete 6 issues (about 50 pages of content) and 3 supplements (about 65 pages of content), I could then release print Annuals that would provide an update of that year’s new material, at about the same length as the core rulebook. That would be cool!

Tentative Release Schedule (with working titles in parenthesis):

July: Echo City Team Up #1 (Heroes You Can Hire)
August: Echo City Team Up #2 (Under the Sea)
October: Sentinel Supplement #1 (GM’s Resource)
November: Echo City Team Up #3 (Moon Mission)
December: Echo City Team Up #4 (Endgame)
February: Sentinel Supplement #2 (Absolute Power: Player Options)
March: Echo City Team Up #5 (Fear and Loathing In Echo City)
April: Echo City Team Up #6 (To Help Valhalla)
June: Sentinel Supplement #3 (Book of Villains, Heroes of the 25th Century, or The Greatest Generation: a sourcebook about the golden age of supers)


I figure that the game has some traction and some interest, and I'd like to see that grow! In addition, I'm hoping that some third party publishers decide to release content as well...

Christmas In July and Bonus No Prize

The Christmas in July sale is on at RPGNow, and you can get all of my titles at a pretty good discount... if you've been waiting to pick up Sentinels of Echo City, now is a good time... especially since you still get the $5 credit for the core rules in print! That's what we call you win/win. If you order in the next two hours, you also get a special edition No Prize (vintage edition, exactly as offered in 1980s Marvel Comics) delivered right to your doorstep.

'Nuff said.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Sentinels of Echo City Quick Reference

The great gang over on the Google+ community have been suggesting that some quick reference materials for character creation, especially a chart with the 100 traits, would be a handy resource for those making characters. In the interim, +Michael Hansen posted a sweet new character sheet that improves upon the one from the core rules quite a bit. It's all been collected into two jam-packed pages of niftiness that you can print out and use. If you've been wondering about Sentinels of Echo City, this allows you to roll up a few hundred characters, even if you won't have any idea how their abilities actually work or how to play the game. I find it's fun just to roll up lots of characters, so have at it!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Google Community for SSR and SoEC

I've set up a Google Community to consolidate discussion/thinking around Saga of the Splintered Realm and Sentinels of Echo City. I THINK I set the community up the right way, but feel free to tell me if I screwed something up. Go ahead and post there... or you can also post on the Forums on

If you leave here with something to write about that you didn't, you can't blame me!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A New Home

I've been thinking about how to unify my various creative projects in one place... trying to support three RPGs and two webcomics takes some juggling, and thus far I have had everything all over the place. I have this blog, two webcomic sites, and a variety of links on RPGNow, Createspace, and In an effort to consolidate and clean up, I've launched in order to give my work a central hub. 

Please stop by and check it out! While you are there, post to the new forums. I would especially love it if others would post some of the content they have created to share with other players. I'd love to see the games develop a community of players who help each other out.