Monday, June 3, 2024

Stalwart Superhero RPG Resources

Here are some resources for your Stalwart game:

- The Core Rules are now available in pdf.

- The Stalwart Companion includes expanded rules and options. This is available as a google doc or as a PWYW download on DrivethruRPG.

- The World of Stalwart Volume I includes setting material, characters, and adventures set in the game's default setting.

- The Stalwart Age is a (semi-retired) blog that has significant background set in the world of the game (albeit using the rules for the Stalwart Age RPG). Much of this will eventually be adapted to the Stalwart Companion and the World of Stalwart resources. This blog also has the full text of the Doc Stalwart novel, set in the game world. However, a print edition of that book is also available, for those who prefer that. I also re-released as a PWYW download.

Aldo (a.k.a. Dragonfly) created two character sheets. Thank you!

     Hero Character Sheet

     Villain Character Sheet


  1. I really love the elegance of your rules design, it's logical and fun.

    I didn't find this on my first read through of the rules,(maybe I read them too fast) but I am going to assume that we use REFLEX and the our "to hit" for attacking?

    1. I think you just roll your Tier Die (Super Tier = D10, etc) to take actions and/or attack. Evade is based on the SV of the "Reflex" Trait, so someone with a D10 Reflex would have a "5" Evade. A Super Tier character could then land an attack against them by rolling a 5 or higher on their D10 Tier die.

    2. Sorry - just saw this. Max is right. I tied attacks to tier to level the playing field - reflex or might would have meant that Captain America doesn't hit as well as Spider Man... but clearly he must.

    3. I am really impressed with these rules, not a lot of fluff and what's there is so well thought out you don't need much more...very streamlined and effective...and I have been following the "The Stalwart Companion" as you add more to it and I am also looking forward to the next publication.

    4. Howdy, Mike! A couple of things: First, I played Stalwart for the first time last night with my daughters and two of their friends. It was a simple scenario involving KRAKEN (a secret society akin to your TENDRIL) trying to steal an artifact from a museum, but it was a BLAST! The system was smooth and fun. That's likely the session that I'll report on in Play's the Thing. Second, I noticed an error in the character sheet that I created. Force was listed as Power. I went ahead and fixed it. The fix should be reflected in the links that I sent you previously, but you might want to switch out the fixed sheet for the one that you published in the Companion.

    5. Aldo,
      I didn't see your comment until just now... thanks for the feedback, and I will update links to the character sheet and update the Companion. Thanks again!