Saturday, June 15, 2024

A Dearth of Heroes and Game Worlds

As I was working on cranking out content for Stalwart (I've added a lot of stuff today), I was thinking about how much the villains outnumber the heroes, and how the heroes really aren't all that powerful. One of the problems with Marvel and DC is that, with so many heroes with such great power, do you really need any more heroes? I mean, once you have Superman, you're pretty much covered. My game world doesn't have that problem (I keep thinking of its power level as comparable to The Incredibles - some cool stuff, but nobody is lifting a pyramid or flying fast enough to move through time). Doc Stalwart is the world's greatest hero, but he's about equal to Doc Samson of Marvel Comics, circa 1985. That was the most direct inspiration, by the way. Doc Samson is cool - he can ONLY lift like 25 tons (Amazing in FASERIP), so Doc Stalwart is slightly stronger (Monstrous in FASERIP). But if HE'S the best you have, you are going to need more heroes. The key players around him are comparable to Quicksilver, Hawkeye, and Raven from Teen Titans. I mean, that's the A team? There are a few more powerful heroes - but they are busy fighting threats from other dimensions and traveling to other planets. 

Conversely, I just keep adding villains. They outnumber the heroes significantly. There are lots of villains doing lots of villainous things, and there are just not that many heroes to do much about it. The peeps we have are all stretched pretty thin.

Sounds like a good place to set a supers game, if you ask me.

By the way, I'm going back through everything I've published for supers and adapting it. While I had set Stalwart Age 25 years before Sentinels of Echo City, I'm sort of hand waving some of my canon and grabbing things from there to add to Stalwart. If I ever go forward far enough into that world, I'll deal with it then (and this is the same timeline as Stalwart - so I have things that are linked in there; for example, in Sentinels the Citadel of Tomorrow is in ruins, having been destroyed from within... so you kind of know where that is ultimately heading I guess - spoiler alert after the fact). Meridian has been destroyed by an alien invasion. I've already retro-fied Emissary (he was originally sent by the Messari from another planet - now he was sent 25 years earlier by Null from the Null Zone - same purpose). I figure that Sentinels takes place in an alternate future of the current game (or something), but the larger point is that I'll be adapting some of my favorite things from that book to this timeline. I have a lot of characters I have created that I haven't touched on in a while, so there's quite of bit of room for the World of Stalwart to grow. 

But it will probably be mostly more villains. 


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