Tuesday, April 26, 2016

An Update on all things Desing

I've been flying sort of under the radar lately, and there's a good reason. I have recently been accepted into the doctoral studies program at Grand Canyon University, pursuing a doctorate in educational leadership K-12. My end goal is to move from being a classroom teacher to a building or district level administrator, and ultimately into the role of superintendent of schools somewhere.

My journey has already started, and the initial reading is already daunting. Everything I have read and encountered suggests that I am going to need to make this a key focus of my life, putting all of my free time (and much of my currently allocated time) into my studies... for the next three and a half years.

So while this doesn't mean that I will not be writing any more RPGs or publishing any more game content, it means that I am shifting my priorities around considerably, and I don't see any way that I will be able to publish with any frequency or consistency.

I'm very glad for the decision I made to publish games under a creative commons license. I hope that the games I have published continue to live on and grow despite my relatively minor involvement in their development for the foreseeable future.

I plan to try to maintain a weekly schedule with Teaching Ted, since that requires a minimal commitment at this point to keep it rolling. I'll be taking down my Patreon page in the next few days (to keep people from being charged for next month), and I'd expect that I'll be even scarcer of a presence here.

I wish you all well on whatever path your road continues to lead you. I would truly appreciate your prayers as I head down mine.

All my best.