Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Second Drawing For Kevin C's Game

I feel like in this on you can sense the influence of both Jim Holloway and Mike Mignola. It's like if Mignola taught Holloway how to draw... or Holloway had Mike Mignola's hands surgically attached to the ends of his arms. Hey, it's a dark image. I think that the monster is the Ettercap King, a minor demon lord. That poor fighter is TOAST.

Saturday, December 24, 2022

First drawing for Kevin C's Game

This is the first drawing I've done for Kevin Chenevert's new game... I've never drawn a dwarf with a heavy crossbow before, so I figured I'd give it a shot. On the left is the original line drawing, and on the right is the finished piece with blacks and some line work. I am not doing my 'gray scale' style for this game, since the sample art he included is all more Mignola-ish inspired, so I'm sticking with that vibe. 

Sunday, December 11, 2022

Feeling Like A Magic User

It's been a tough couple of weeks, in a long string of tough couples of weeks... but I had a little time to think about gaming, and thought it might be fun to make a solo magic user and take him into the dungeon I am working on. I figured I'd start with the drawing. His name is Hadrack the Hoary.

I statted him up using the 60-point rule, and made him level 3 so he doesn't immediately get eaten. I assigned wealth and treasure as if he was a level 3 monster... I figured he needed both the cloak and the ring for survivability; he's not going to last long without some ability to hide, and some ability to recover damage. I figure that Charm Person can help him get allies and minions, and Sleep can help with crowd control against weaker or larger numbers of enemies... against undead, I'm pretty toasted. He is called 'hoary' due to the salt-and-pepper in his beard, and his stern, relatively cold manner in interacting with others. Right now, he's kind of me.

Hadrack the Hoary, Lawful Human Magic User 3
STR 6; DEX 12; CON 8; INT 14; WIS 11; CHA 9
AC 1; hp 10; Staff (1d6); Arcane Casting (Tier 2; Td6+1)
Traveling Robes; Adventurer's Pack; Cloak of Elfinkind; Ring of Regeneration 
Canrips: Detect Magic; Elemental Dart; Light
Tier 1: Charm Person; Magic Missile; Sleep
Tier 2: Portal; Web