Sunday, September 4, 2011

Always Tinkering, Supers Edition

I've been tinkering with the Resolute engine some more as I've been thinking of adapting it to Army Ants, and that lead me back around to tinkering with the supers version of it again... it's a never-ending rotation of fiddling with the system.

Anyway, here are some stats I've been toying with for some popular supers characters you might have heard of... I am also playing with re-structuring the character point cost of abilities (to bump after 3 instead of 2 ranks; so +1 to +3 are 1 CP each, +4 to +6 are 2 CPs each, etc.). I put the CP cost for each ability in brackets to show my work...

THE HULK (75 CPs/ 110 wounds)
Brawling +7 [12]; Evade +3 [3]; Invulnerable +9 [18]; Might +9 [18]; Rage +4 [5]; Resolve +5 [7]; Toughness +7 [12]
- Hulk has Might +9, but when he rages, this shifts to +10 in the first round, +11 in the second round, +12 in the third round and forward. He must spend 1 turn to rage willingly, or he automatically rages at half of his total wounds as a free turn (55 or fewer)
- Toughness (FYI) gives you rating x5 bonus wounds.

Brawling +4 [5]; Counter Attacks +4 [5]; Evade +8 [15]; Intuition +4 [5]; Precision +7 [12]; Resolve +4 [5]; Speed +9 [18]
- Flash would use his resolve to stack speed with any number of things; he stacks it with precision to land a hail of blows; he stacks it with evade to perform incredible dodges; he stacks it with brawling to make his fists operate like jackhammers.
- Counter attacks allows him to take a bonus to hit a foe that has just missed him in melee combat; he takes a bonus = to the foe's margin of failure, maximum +4.

Brawling +4 [5]; Evade +4 [5]; Flight +7 [12]; Precision +7 [12]; Resolve +9 [18]; Ring +9 [18]
- His ring allows him to deal concussive bursts of energy; he attacks with the ring, dealing damage with precision; however, he often uses his resolve to generate objects with the ring. For example:
- a suit of armor that grants invulnerable +9 for the rest of the scene.
- A melee weapon that stacks with brawling, dealing +13 with each successful strike (attacks made with precision)
- a huge object that stacks with his precision (a huge mallet that deals +16 damage)

Armor Piercing +4 [5]; Brawling +6 [9]; Claw +6 [9]; Intuition +5 [7]; Invulnerable +4 [5]; Precision +7 [12]; Regenerate +5 [7]; Speed +2 [2]; Stealth +4 [5]; Two Weapons +6 [9]
- Each round, he gets to attack with both claws (+7/+12 with the first; +6/+12 with the second); four times per scene, he gets to completely ignore his target’s armor (allowing no soak roll at all; target takes 0 for soak result).

I tried Superman, but he came out at about 165 CPs, making him basically unplayable... although Superman probably is unplayable, isn't he? That's sort of the whole point...