Wednesday, December 1, 2010


The only other ability that it feels like everyone would need to consider is a sense/awareness ability, which I’m going to call Intuition. This serves a few important functions:

- It becomes the way you determine combat sequence. Your ability to quickly jump into combat is about both your physical reflexes and your ability to process information quickly. Since precision already has a number of applications, I’d prefer to have intuition determine sequence- it feels better for balance.
- It becomes the core ability linked to a number of non-combat applications. Nature (the ability to hunt and track) and stealth would both be linked to this (at least theoretically).
- It becomes the core ability used to notice, perceive and detect the unknown. Foes using stealth or sleight of hand target your intuition.

I like a number of these ideas, but here are some problems I already see coming down the pike as we continue:

- What about healing? I see in some ways that healing should be a spell ability linked to intuition (for druidic types)… but I can also see this related to resolve (for paladin types). I can see it related to holy bolts (for clerics) and to your mind strike (for psionics who can also heal). I suppose we can allow any (or all) options, although this gets a bit much. I want to keep away from the idea of any application/spell that links to the ability of your choice- especially one as useful and broad as healing.
- The difference between stealth and invisibility in the supers game. For example, Legolas has high intuition, and he has both Nature and Stealth. These are linked to his incredibly high senses; he would not spend 16 character points to get stealth +7 (about where his stealth would be), but would link stealth to his +7 or +8 Intuition (probably +8; he is Legolas). However, the Invisible Girl has high invisibility (Stealth +10 range), but relatively low Intuition all things considered (probably +3 or so). I just don’t see her being the super-aware type who can hear a pin drop on the other side of the Baxter Building… She would have invisibility as a unique ability (probably at +8 or so), and could elect to pick up stealth with her intuition. These could combine to give her a total of +13 to avoid detection… if it’s just to avoid being heard, she’d only have +3, but to avoid being seen she’d roll at +13.

These seem like reasonable solutions… I will muse more on this…