Monday, February 20, 2012

Ability Flexibility

As I'm drafting the next generation of Resolute Supers, I hit an idea about how abilities are used in combat. In short, it comes down to this- rather than having one (or maybe) two abilities that drive your attack rolls, you instead attack using your best ability... so:

- Hulk attacks with his might, since this is his best ability.
- Captain America attacks with his prowess, since that's his best ability.
- Mr. Fantastic attacks with his elasticity, since that's his best ability.
- Nightcrawler attacks with his teleportation (his best ability) when he teleports and attacks as a simultaneous action; he'd use prowess when he's just attacking normally.

This is a pretty big departure from the previous incarnations of the game, but it cleans things up quite nicely. These characters all need a second ability to actually deal decent damage (Hulk needs prowess, Cap needs might and his shield, Mr. Fantastic needs prowess... I'll have to keep thinking on Nightcrawler, since teleport probably pairs with prowess on teleport-based attacks, but prowess pairs with might (and probably that rapier he sometimes carries) on non-teleport attacks...