Sunday, October 6, 2013

Great Ant Giveaway: Winner's Circle

I put together a little pool for the winners of the giveaway... for subscribing, you earned 3 entries, and for each comment you earned +1 entry. I assigned number ranges to each entry, and used a random die roller online to determine the winners. However, when I was done I realized that this left two subscribers from during the contest who didn't get a prize... and since the second-place prizes are mostly digital downloads anyway, I'm going to give the second prize to all other subscribers!

See? I TOLD you that you should have subscribed...

Anyhow, congratulations to 'The Corinthian' who is the grand prize winner! I'll be contacting you via private message on the Comic Fury. All of the second-place winners will get a PM from me as well.

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