Sunday, April 6, 2014

Illustration Spec Sheet Ready to Go

I have an illustration information sheet ready to go for those who want to sign up to take part. Here is what appears on the sheet... I will update this as people sign on for the project. Right now, only one slot is officially gone. Please let me know what images you are interested in working on. I will post updates when slots are taken...

Illustrations for Saga of the Splintered Realm (updated 4/6/14)

Art Should: (these are not absolutes, and there is room for flexibility)
·         Be completed in black and white line art.
·         Endeavor to evoke the style of Mike Mignola (stark contrast, simple angular linework)
·         Be completed on 6”x9” Bristol Board (original art is part of the backer reward package for some backers).
·         May or may not be signed, as you prefer.

Payment Terms:
·         $45 per illustration, +$5 to ship the illustration to me. (digital-only pieces will be paid $45)
·         Payment will be issued when art is completed, but before you ship it. (you will confirm by sending a low-resolution image to
·         Payment will be issued via PayPal (my PayPal address is

·         You (and I) give up all rights to the art. All art is going to be released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License. The art may appear and re-appear in multiple sources (some for pay). I will not re-sell your art (outside of the original publication in the game book), but it may end up for sale in another publisher’s product. I may use it again on my blog or in advertising for the game. I will always credit you.
·         I will ask that anyone who re-uses your art credits you for it.

·         Art needs to be complete and in my possession by October 31, 2014.

Illustration Needs
Book 1 Title Page
I’d love to evoke “Willingham’s Dragon” (Page B1): a dragon fighting a party of adventurers - this may be difficult to pack into a 6”x9” frame.

Classic Cleric
The base picture for a cleric @ class description. Does not have to be human, but should evoke “that’s what a cleric looks like.”

Classic Fighter
The base picture for a fighter @ class description. Does not have to be human, but should evoke “that’s what a fighter looks like.”

Classic Magic User
The base picture for a magic user @ class description. Does not have to be human, but should evoke “that’s what a mage looks like.”

Classic Thief
The base picture for a thief @ class description. Does not have to be human, but should evoke “that’s what a thief looks like.”

Race Image
A picture of a dwarf, elf and stoutling hanging out. They can be doing anything (posing for the camera… in a bit of an argument… I’m thinking of the classic alignment pic from B/X where the lawful fighter is literally shaking down the chaotic thief while the neutral character looks on).

Weapons Flavor Piece
A collection of dangerous-looking weapons (again, I love the B/X picture on B12).

Sample Spell
Three of these. I’d prefer the weird over the purely offensive. An arcane sorcery/weird magic vibe would be ideal.

As above.

As above.

Combat and Exploration
Two of these. Characters involved in the activities they would pursue while adventuring or engaged in combat with fantastic creatures.
Kevin Chenevert - “Tully the Stoutling Wins Initiative”

As above.

Monster Manual
A Dragon

A Hydra

A Minotaur

Undead Creature or Creatures

A pile of treasure.

A magical device or item (or collection of these) – whatever feels cool.

A weird and fantastic landscape, environment, or cityscape.

As above.