Thursday, February 26, 2015

Re-Designing the Blog

You may have noticed that I've given the blog a bit of an overhaul. I shifted the focus almost entirely to my gaming work (zeroing in primarily on my flagship game, Saga of the Splintered Realm), and have removed most references to Army Ants stuff.

Does that mean I'm done with the Army Ants?


I'm working on giving the ants a proper (honest and truly) dedicated web space, and their own blog space. I want to take that webcomic to the next level (and my gaming work too), so I think it's best to separate the two. I want everyone to know that I do BOTH, but that doesn't mean that my potential audiences cross over. I think that there's a good chance I get some Army Ant readers who couldn't give a dang about RPGs, and the reverse is also true. Since this space is named 'the Splintered Realm', and most of the connections I've made through the blog are to gaming and not to webcomics, it makes the most sense to consolidate gaming stuff here, and move the ants stuff elsewhere.

Patreon backers for the Ants projects will be getting an update in a little bit (as soon as I get out from under more of the Splintered Realm work I have to do), and I'll get getting going on all cylinders soon enough.


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