Monday, June 8, 2015

Wormwood Station

Sentinels of Echo City wouldn't be complete without an introductory adventure. Instead of being a specific adventure, I'm trying to think in terms of 'adventuring locales', with several hooks for how and why the supers might get involved there. It's full of bad people doing bad things. It's near the sewer system. Do good people ever build their hideouts near the sewer system? I think not.

This is the first try at a 'modern map' in my evolving map style. It turned out pretty swanky.

If you are a patron of my Patreon campaign, you already have access to a high-quality copy of this. That's in addition to the undying gratitude that you have already received.

Edit: Oh, yeah... it's released under a Creative Commons Share-Alike Attribution License. Rock on.

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