Monday, May 13, 2013

Almost... There...

Tonight, I finished the layout for the first volume of MTDAA comics. The book weighs in at 228 pages, and I expect that the second volume will come in at exactly the same page count. I have fewer pages of comics for that volume (right around 200) but I'll be putting in the sketchbook pages and other miscellaneous stuff that should push it up to 228.

I haven't decided exactly how to share this with Kickstarter backers yet... feel free to give me feedback on the options. I don't want to just e-mail a copy to each of you, because the file is pretty huge (almost 100 mbs). I could put it up on drive thru comics and then send a link to each of you, but that seems to create problems for people. I'm tempted to put it up on a file sharing site for a month and send the direct link to people. That's probably the way to go... I am a little nervous about putting up an unprotected file with no sharing limits for people to just grab, but then again:

A) the Kickstarter backers are people who invested in it already, so I know they value it on some level and won't just give it away willy nilly.
B) any belief I have in the sanctity of file protection is false anyway. If someone wants to pirate it, they will find a way easily enough.

In the end, I have to trust that people aren't going to just try to steal my comics, and that even if they get a free copy somehow, they'll swing by the blog and hit the donate button and send a few dollars... so, once I get the file sharing worked out, expect a link (if you were a backer and ordered the comics) in a few days for the first volume.