Friday, February 19, 2016

A Patreon Appeal

I don't do a lot of pitching of my Patreon Campaign, but I've been thinking a bit about this, and how I want to use it. I've been somewhat idiosyncratic about it, since I do a lot of things. Am I a cartoonist? A game publisher? Both? On one hand, I'd like to come forward with a polished, clear 'this is what it is' sales pitch, but the fact is that Patreon itself is designed around the concept that it's NOT a sales pitch. It's a chance for people to support a creative person who just does what he does.

So, I want to continue to be a creative person who just does what he does. I am asking you to help me do that.

I produce several things with some regularity:

- This blog serves as the hub for my gaming publishing activities. I've finished my 'triple crown' of games, but would really like to spend the next phase of my game publishing career creating support material for the game, and (even more important) empowering the community to generate their own content. I see the Patreon page as a place where I regularly post content for others to use. For example, I would like to post regular (weekly?) stock images under creative commons for the community to take and use in their products. Instead of drawing content for my publications, I'd actually post it for yours. This would include stock art for all of my games, as well as maps, ship schematics, etc.

- I've got a regular (three-day-a-week) comic strip about life in public education called Teaching Ted. It's a fun strip that I enjoy doing, and which allows me to do something productive with the frustrations that arise from seeing how public education works from the inside.

- I'm launching a new strip in the world of the army ants set in the far future. This is still in its infancy, but I'm excited about the possibilities for it.

I'm literally asking you to consider signing up for a dollar or two a month. It would mean a great deal to me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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