Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Goals now EXTRA stretchy!

I've upgraded the stretch goals on the MTDAA Kickstarter. With 3 days to go, I'm feeling good about that 5K reward, and I moved that 10K reward to 7K...
  • $5,000 (LOCKED) – Holy Snot! The comic now pushes over 450 pages with the original covers from the comic series reprinted as well. The game hits 200+ pages, as I include more art, more adventures, and more thorough profiles of the various allied and enemy forces the ants may face. In addition to all previous stretch goal rewards, all backers at $50+ will receive a 12"x18" glossy map of the Back Yard campaign setting. Also, the ants will march on. I will launch a MTDAA webcomic (with weekly updates) and a free MTDAA newsletter (with bi-weekly updates). Both will launch in June, 2013.
  • $7,000 (LOCKED) - we go totally crazy. One random backer at $50 or more will get THE ORIGINAL ART that Jeff Dee created. That’s right. I am loathe to give it away, but if the community gives me this much support, I will absolutely do it. If we hit this stretch goal, I will also re-publish both the 2nd and 3rd editions of the MTDAA RPG as FREE downloads, and I will publish conversions as appendices to the new game that will allow you to adapt material from this edition to either 2E or 3E. This way, you’ll be able to use the dice pool systems of 2E or 3E (each with a different approach to dice pools) or the progressive die system of the newest Legacy Edition.