Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ladybugs and Psionics

Ladybugs have been at the cutting edge of research into mentalism and the power of mind over matter. Although such matters remain highly classified, word has spread that a small number of ladybug operatives have developed psionic powers that have allowed them to experiment in such fields as telekinesis, mind control, cellular regeneration, and possibly even ethereal projection.

Game Notes:

I know that psionics are going to be tied to Mind, both for using and resisting such powers. I haven’t rolled these out yet to play testing, but the idea here is that many of these plug-ins to your character (psionics, mysticism, cybernetics) are going to be perks (another concept I haven’t rolled out – I’ll get there) that you purchase at a fixed cost, and which are tied to your attributes. For instance, mind control may be a 1-point Perk that you tie to Mind and your Psionics Trait. Once per scene, you can attempt to take control of the Mind of another insect within range (your Psionics trait rating in centimeters). You roll Mind + Psionics vs. the target’s Mind Save. If successful, you can get the target to view you as a friend and ally. With a critical success (a roll of 10+ beyond the target’s save), you make the target into your mindless puppet for the rest of the scene. Although you only get to use this once per scene, you can use a Moxy point to re-use a trait or perk you’ve already used, so you could potentially get to use this multiple times. You’re going to have to make a considerable investment to get this ability (the Mind dice, Psionics trait, the mind control perk) but you’ll have a formidable ability as a result.

Instead of the once per scene option (as above) it might make more sense (and allow for more resource allocation choices in play) if you got a number of times per mission to use this, equal to your Psionics trait rating; with Psionics +3, you get to try to control minds 3 times per mission. In this case, I might drop the option of using Moxy to refresh this, since you already have a pool to draw from. If you burn it all up in the first scene, then you do.