Sunday, March 3, 2013

Truth In Advertising

Let me tell you what I want (what I really really want) yo I'll tell you what I want (what I really really want).

No. But seriously.

My true goal from the launch of this campaign has been two numbers: 200 backers, and $10,000. This represents the threshold to me of the real world- of bargaining power. It means that I can go to Diamond Comics Distributors (and Alliance Distributing) and say 'hey, look... you NEED to stock these books'. It means that I've got some street cred. It means swag.

Army Ants is my Lord of the Rings. It's my lifetime creative project. I've meditated on this for some time, and this is it. It's the thing that, win lose or draw, I'm going to hitch my sail to. I've taken a decent hiatus from it, and when I came back to it, it was as if I'd never been away. Mythweaver has always been my effort to be D+D. Resolute has always been my effort to be the Marvel Superheroes Game. Army Ants is just me.

I think that creators, if they are smart, know this thing when they find it, and they ride it. They hold on and don't let go. The world of Army Ants is big enough, and the characters in it interesting enough, for me to spend the rest of my creative energies here.

200 backers.
The Army Ants march on.

That's where we're going.

If you aren't already on board, I'd love to have you join us.

- Mike