Saturday, March 2, 2013

Things That Go Bump In The Night

One of the most intimidating threats the ants know of is the awakened vampire bat called the Dark One. Rumors hold that this horrific creature of terrible power dwells within the rotten oak tree at the southern edge of the back yard, where it borders the cemetery. From here, the Dark One undertakes midnight forays into the Back Yard in search of prey.

While other bats consume insects, most believe that the Dark One secrets prey away to its dark lair, forcing victims to dwell in a permanent twilight. Only the blood of living insects will sate the bottomless thirst of this terrible foe. The Dark One’s reach has grown, as cults paying homage to this nightmarish foe have grown in communities across the backyard, with some insects now offering blood sacrifices to this monstrosity, leaders claiming to have harnessed mystical powers by paying homage to the Dark One.

Two other threats that many attribute to the Dark One are the rise of ghoul and zombie insects. Ghouls are those insects that have partaken of untoward blood rituals, having been both empowered and transformed by these rituals into bloodthirsty dwellers in shadow. Servitors of the Dark One have also unlocked secrets for re-animating the carapaces of dead insects, and have begun to build armies of zombie insects for some dark purpose yet unknown.