Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Gunner Time

Zak was a challenge, but Gunner should be pretty easy. As far as characters who
would appear in the game, I think that Gunner has to be voted ‘most likely to be played’. He’s built to be tough and deal a lot of damage. He’s probably the most balanced character on the team, with the most combat-oriented skillset.

He’s got roughly as much experience as Zak, so we’ll put him midway through Level 6 as well, 36 Clout Points. Here’s my first run at his attributes:

Body D10 (6 CPs)
Mind D6 (1 CP)
Prowess D8 (3 CPs)
Spirit D6 (1 CP)

I’d like higher Prowess because of how much he fires a rifle, but the fact of the matter is that he’s not as agile as Zak (by a pretty wide margin – even the D8 is a little generous) but he’ll make up for it in aim. He’s a no-frills ant, so we’ll put him in the Infantry. I’m tempted to go with Reconnaissance for the Toughness, but he’s your textbook definition of a grunt who has started to learn some leadership. Infantry it is. He has spent 11 of his 36 Clout points on Attributes, so he has a lot left to spend on Traits (25 clout remaining). This actually goes against the basic rules for point allocation; at Level 6, he has to have at least 12 CPs invested in attributes… hmm. I suppose that I could ditch that requirement, since an ant with D6 across the board and incredible training is doable and should be a viable build. Okay, ditching that requirement. 

Traits… Gunner is all about two things: Aim and Moxy. I mean, he IS moxy. Here’s where I put my points:

Aim +4 (6 CPs)
Driving +1 (1 CP) (he’s driven a few vehicles in the comics, and is the go-to guy on the team for combat driving, although it’s by no means his area of expertise)
Leadership +2 (2 CPs)
Melee +2 (2 CPs)
Moxy +4 (6 CPs – and he will get the ant bump here to +5!)
Munitions +2 (2 CPs – and he will get the Infantry bump here)
Toughness +4 (6 CPs)

As far as his rank and Clout go, he’s not as far into Level 6 as Zak (we’ll put him at 225 XP). He has earned 5 rank promotions (he’s now a Sergeant A-5) and has earned an extra 125 Clout. This puts him at an even 350… this is far more than he will need, but I’ll see if I can spend it!

As a member of the infantry, he starts with an AM-15 rifle; 1 field grenade; basic aid kit (D4); satchel; basic provisions; bedroll; entrenching tool; standard fatigues (olive drab); basic flashlight (3 cm).

He trades in his AM-15 (35 clout) and purchases a snazzy AM-2C machine gun (160 clout). He’s now got 225 clout left. He will also pick up:

- 3 more field grenades (15 clout total)
- 2 phosphorous grenades (30 clout total)
- Medium body armor (40 clout)
- A flak jacket (25 clout)
- Camouflage fatigues (15 clout)
- high-power binoculars (25 clout)
- Armor piercing ammunition for his machine gun (40 clout)
- 2 field medic kits (15 clout each; 30 total)

This leaves him with 5 clout he hasn’t spent. This was part of his tattoo budget…  as far as Hits goes, Gunner is in GREAT shape. He rolls D10+4 each level. On average, this would give him 57 Hits, but he (like all of these guys) is considerably above average. If we put him at 7 per die, that puts him at 66 hits (exactly twice as many as Zak!). It’s going to be very tough to take out Gunner.

Level 6 Infantry (A-5); Hits 66; Feat +3
Body D10; Mind D6; Prowess D8; Spirit D6
Aim +4; Driving +1; Leadership +2; Melee +2; Moxy +5 (6 CPs/+1 shift); Munitions +3 (2 CPs/+1 shift); Toughness +4
- AM-2C Machine Gun (D10+4 damage/range 9) with armor-piercing ammunition
- Boot knife (D10+1 damage)
- 4 field grenades (D6+D6; blast radius 1 cm)
- 2 phosphorous grenades (D6+D12; blast radius 2 cm)
- Medium body armor (soaks 2 hits)
- Flak jacket (soaks 5 hits from explosives)
- Camouflage fatigues; basic aid kit (D4); 2 field medic kits (D8); satchel; basic provisions; bedroll; entrenching tool; basic flashlight (3 cm); high-power binoculars