Friday, July 5, 2013

Phil is in the Hizzy

Phil is pretty much the polar opposite of every other character on the team – he has almost no combat functionality at all (at least in terms of attacking others), so the challenge is in making him a playable character who can do something in combat, rather than just whiffing over (and over, and over, ad infinitum) again.

He’s a communication specialist.
Since we’re putting Phil at Level 3, he only has so many points to spend, and he’s got some big investments to make ‘right out the gate’. Level 3 gives him 18 CPs. Here is the first run of his attributes:

Body D4
Mind D10
Prowess D4
Spirit D6

He’s weak. He’s a clutz most of the time. He sometimes missing the big picture. But, he is smart as a whip. Okay. So far, I’ve spent 7 of my 18 CPs. Let’s take our 11 remaining into traits:

Luck +3 (4 CPs - There has to be some way to explain why things seem to go well for him for no apparent reason)
Security +1 (1 CP – he knows a little bit about security systems)
Technology +4 (6 CPs – and he will get the +1 communications specialist bump to +5)

It was very easy to spend all of my points on Phil, but of course he is only Level 3. What if Phil were Level 6 like Zak and Gunner? Could I spend all of my points and still have him be ‘Phil’? I see him moving into the development of armored mech suits, so let’s give him a strong mechanic score, too, since he’d have to develop that, and it’s a nice fit with Mind.

- Body D6
- Mind D12
- Prowess D4
- Spirit D8

Spent 14 CPs on Attributes

- Luck +4 (6 CPs)
- Mechanic +4 (6 CPs)
- Security +1 (1 CP)
- Technology +6 (9 CPs invested/+1 shift)

Spent 36 CPs without even breaking a sweat! Okay, it can be done… (and now I need to write some rules for mechs!)

Back to the ‘real’ Phil… He’s Level 3 (we’ll put him at 75 XP) and he’s earned promotions to the rank of Private First Class (+50 CPs). He has 125 total. He would have traded in his basic communications kit for the best available (10 Clout redeemed vs. 100 Clout spent = 90 net Clout) and he picked up two field grenades (10 Clout total). He’s spent 100 of his 125. We will say that he carries a full aid kit as well, since he’s the most likely to be hurt.

His standard issue gear is: AM-38 light pistol; basic aid kit (D4); satchel; basic provisions; bedroll; entrenching tool; standard fatigues (olive drab); basic flashlight (3 cm); canteen; utility knife; basic communications kit. He only has Body D4 and he’s level 3, so we’ll give him an average of 3 per die (with max at Level 1), or 10 Hits. No wonder he falls over so easily!

Level 3 Communications (A-2); Hits 10; Feat +2
Body D4; Mind D10; Prowess D4; Spirit D6
Luck +3; Moxy +1 (+1 ant shift); Security +1; Technology +4 (6 CPs/+1 shift)
- AM-38 light pistol (D4 damage; range 3)
- 2 Field Grenades (D6+D6; blast radius 1 cm)
- Basic aid kit (D4); full aid kit (D12); satchel; basic provisions; bedroll; entrenching tool; standard fatigues (olive drab); basic flashlight (3 cm); canteen; utility knife
- Full communications kit.