Monday, November 29, 2010

Moving on to Magic

Note: I’ve been working on this particular post for two weeks- and kept revising it until I got to some semblance of order. Here goes…

For your physical abilities, it works best to have one attack/defensive ability, one resistant/soak ability, and a wide range of linked abilities that can be used to add to damage or for specific situations.

- Fighting is used to attack and defend.
- Stamina is used to soak and resist.
- Might and Precision are used to deal damage or make other (non-combat) physical actions.

If I want magic to parallel this (and I do), the same paradigm needs to be in place.

- Focus is used to attack and defend.
- Resolve is used to soak and resist.
- Flame Bolt, Arcane Dart (etc.) are used to deal damage and as the ‘master abilities’ for other spell actions…

For instance, your caster has Focus +4 and Flame Bolt +6. When he attacks to wound with magical flame, you roll 2D+4 (your focus) to attack against the target’s 2D + focus defensive roll. If you hit, you roll 2D+6 (your flame bolt rating) vs. the target’s 2D+ resolve soak roll. However, if you purchase the spell ‘wall of flames’, this spell is linked to your Flame Bolt +6. If you purchase a spell to boost an ally’s fighting ability using your flame, you boost at +6 (not +4). Focus is ONLY used to take a pure damage attack, or to defend against such attacks.

Some non-combat applications may be linked to your focus or resolve. For instance, I think Lore would be linked to Focus, whereas Leadership (your ability to inspire others to perform heroic actions) would be linked to your Resolve.

This seems pretty simple and comprehensive.

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