Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Art Direction

In my first blog entry, I wrote about how all of the elements of the game should fit together cohesively… and then I spent the next 20 or so entries talking purely about mechanics. I figured it was time to talk about something other than number crunching. How about the world?

I spent some time today reading over an unpublished section of the novel I’ve written (I really will get that finished some day- it just needs a week of solid editing and it should be done- I just never get around to it), and started to think about the visuals of the story. How does this thing look if it’s a graphic novel? That’s what I want out of the visuals for the game.

I started thinking about the Stephen Fabian drawings from the old AD+D Manual of the Planes- they had this soft, ethereal quality that I really like, and that I don’t see much of in contemporary games. I don’t know if the feel of the art is at all dated, but I’d like to capture that softer, Charles Vess sort of feel to the world. Very soft and textured.

Of course, I write all this as if I can just start whipping off these incredible drawings modeled on some of the greats in fantasy art. I don’t presume that for a second. However, I think that my drawing may be a little too cartoony and simple for where the game should go, and I either need to learn how to draw differently and push myself in new directions, or find an illustrator who can do these drawings for me. Since this is not a money-making operation of any great shakes, I think I’m going to be stuck doing the illustrations myself.

It will be fun to rough out some concept art and see where this goes…

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