Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Quick Reflection on Archetypes

As I’ve worked on developing notes for approaches to building heroes of each archetype, I’ve discovered something else I really like about Resolute. In other systems, there are often rules for the armor and weapons that different classes have available to them; wizards don’t get to wield heavy armor or weapons because it ‘messes up their casting’, which is a bogus justification to maintain game balance. Resolute’s point-build system and the way it ties to abilities balances itself; as a magician, you aren’t going to invest many points into arms to get armor and weapons, because then you can’t be a very effective magician. If you decide to go against conventional wisdom and build a magician who has heavy armor and decent weapons, you are going to have to make sacrifices elsewhere that are probably going to come back to bite you; in short, the rule of survival of the fittest kicks in; you don’t see many magicians in heavy armor, because they died! They weren’t effective at doing what they needed to do well, and couldn’t make the cut.

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