Sunday, November 11, 2012

A Brief Update

After a hiatus of several months, I'm 'between shows' at school (we just posted the cast list for our spring musical, but we'll be amping up to that slowly over the next few weeks), so I've been doing some play testing... I am going back through the draft I had going for the first Mythweaver Chronicles, and I'd like to actually wrap that up some time soon. Again, no promises, but things look much better for getting some Mythweaver stuff done than they did a few months ago when I last posted!


  1. Mythweaver Chronicles?

  2. The Mythweaver Chronicles is in play as far as final format goes... it may be a series of guidebooks to pieces of the realm (each one focusing on expanding some aspect of the game in a specific way) or a magazine of general articles and game materials. As of today, I'm leaning towards the mag because it gives me the most flexibility to put in whatever I happen to work on that month...