Saturday, June 1, 2013

Complete Comics Volume 1 has shipped

The collected comics Volume 1 has been shipped to Kickstarter backers (they actually went out two days ago), and the earliest estimates from Createspace had deliveries early next week. Many of you will be getting your first comics collection this week, although some of the international customers may not see theirs for a few more weeks.

I received the patches this week, meaning that I have t-shirts, patches, tattoos all here ready for shipment. I hope to put those packages together this week, along with the original art for those who ordered that - and the copies of 2nd edition - and the trading card sheets, getting those out as a priority. I don't like any of the character sheets I've designed so far, so I'm still working at that. I'd like to get those done so I can put it all in one package. We'll see what the week brings...

If you've been play testing the demo edition for the new RPG and want to submit your play test notes, please do so in the next week. I'm about to shift the RPG back to the front burner (after getting a whole bunch of comics stuff done for the last month), so if you have anything you'd like to have considered for the rules, speak now!

Thanks, all.

- Mike


  1. Wow, that was quick! I still don't have mine yet...

  2. Got mine last week too. Looking forward to the RPG. I probably won't play it normally (I have trouble remembering anything but VERY rules-light systems), so I can't provide crunchy rules feedback. But I will say I hope to see plenty of fluff. All the different classes, species, equipment and campaign concepts in Army Ants 2nd Edition really made the setting come alive for me, even though I almost never played with the rules as written. Just wandering through a park still sets me off with game ideas.

  3. arrived on the other side of the world in 6 days. LITERALLY BEST CUSTOMER CARE EVER. You rock. Can't waaaaaaaaaait until the other stuff ships. Whoo I'm off to read.

  4. Wow. That is impressive. I wish I could take some of the credit...

  5. Oh and the physical copy of the book is just wow