Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Vault of the Goblin: The Final Map - Post 500

My 500th post!

I have now officially finished mapping for the Vault of the Goblin... I've decided to go back and re-number all of the encounter areas to have each area receive an individual number. I was starting each section over again with the number 1, and creating more confusion for myself than necessary... this project keeps moving along. I want to have pdfs done in the next few weeks, and all Kickstarter rewards out the door by the end of April.

This map is the closest I'm ever going to come to my own version of the Tomb of Horrors...You can only get through by losing a hand, lighting yourself on fire, withstanding a disintegration field, and navigating a trap-filled, anti-magic hall. Sacrifices will needs be made...

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