Thursday, July 23, 2015

Sentinels of Echo City Phase One Plans

Inspired by the meticulous planning to release Marvel Cinematic Universe films for the rest of my natural life, I decided to lay out a road map for Sentinels of Echo City's Phase One, taking us through the next twelve months...

Echo City Team Up will be 10-page adventures offered as pay-what-you-want plugins for the game. These include a few new characters, a scenario/setting, and a new trait or talent (or a few).

Sentinel Supplements will be 24-page expansions to the core rules, providing expansions to the core game or larger chunks of new material to increase the scope of the core rules. I see these as $1 downloads.

The first issue of Echo City Team Up goes live tonight!

If I could complete 6 issues (about 50 pages of content) and 3 supplements (about 65 pages of content), I could then release print Annuals that would provide an update of that year’s new material, at about the same length as the core rulebook. That would be cool!

Tentative Release Schedule (with working titles in parenthesis):

July: Echo City Team Up #1 (Heroes You Can Hire)
August: Echo City Team Up #2 (Under the Sea)
October: Sentinel Supplement #1 (GM’s Resource)
November: Echo City Team Up #3 (Moon Mission)
December: Echo City Team Up #4 (Endgame)
February: Sentinel Supplement #2 (Absolute Power: Player Options)
March: Echo City Team Up #5 (Fear and Loathing In Echo City)
April: Echo City Team Up #6 (To Help Valhalla)
June: Sentinel Supplement #3 (Book of Villains, Heroes of the 25th Century, or The Greatest Generation: a sourcebook about the golden age of supers)


I figure that the game has some traction and some interest, and I'd like to see that grow! In addition, I'm hoping that some third party publishers decide to release content as well...

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