Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Check... check... is this thing on?


Man has this month been a blur.

I ended August by tearing the roof off of my garage (and putting on a new one, incidentally), going through a battery of follow ups from my cancer treatments (all is good), and gearing up into the school year (which has taken some getting used to, since I returned to full time teaching for the first time in a year). In the interim, I ALMOST fell behind on my webcomic Teaching Ted (I was actually doing strips the day before for about three weeks), and hit two comic conventions (Wizard World Pittsburgh and Uticon).

It has been a grind and fun and crazy, but I REALLY want to settle back into my identity as a cartoonist and game designer, and that side of me has totally taken a back seat during September as the rest of life was just so darned demanding.

As of right now, I have 7 strips of Teaching Ted done, and I finished a layout project for +Christopher Cortright that I owed him for something like three weeks.

Happy to be back in the saddle. I'll let you know what the next step is when I figure it out :) It seems like one of the unfinished projects for Sentinels of Echo City should be next thing on deck...

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