Saturday, March 9, 2019

Totally NOT Captain Marvel, so I don't know why you'd say that

Just saw Captain Marvel with the girls. We all really liked it. Mary and I agreed that the only flaw was the banter between characters - it was clever, but rarely genuine, and sometimes a bit forced. The story was great, and the connections to the existing MCU were well done. On the whole, a strong offering.

And of course, it gets me thinking about how this sort of higher-end super-heroing works in game terms for Sentinels of Echo City. So, let’s give it a spin…

Uri the Cosmic Guardian (Hero 6)
Uri, Cosmic Guardian: Resources 14
AC 21; HD 12d6+36 (hp 101); Feat +13; Move 50’ (fly 10 miles)
Blast (+10/1d10+9/120’) or Punch (+10/1d6+4)
STR 15 (+4); INT 11 (+2); PWR 24 (+9)
DEX 14 (+4); CON 18 (+6); CHA 12 (+3)
Flight; Cosmic Energy Control; Cosmic Blast (1d10); Invulnerability; Pilot; 
Pummel (1d6)
Improved Dice (x3) Iron Will; Prowess; Toughness
Vow: To help the downtrodden
To defend those who cannot defend themselves across the cosmos.

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  1. FYI, in play, she is probably going to super-charge her punches with her cosmic energy to deal a lot more damage than this basic damage. This is when she just throws 'normal' punches.