Monday, May 31, 2010

Layout Issues

I really liked the way that the layout for Resolute: Towers of Arvandoria came together, and I used lessons from that experience to design Resolute: Supers 2nd Edition. However, while this layout is ideal for display on a computer, it’s not quite as handy when you print it out. I decided to do a second layout with a ‘printer friendly’ edition that has the same pagination, but with no color and no graphics (except for one map on the final page, which you don’t need unless you are running the sample adventure). I aimed for 16 pages for everything, and actually got all of the rules into 15 pages, so this left room for a sample adventure. However, getting the adventure into 1 page didn’t work, so I ended up 1 page over the goal. However, this breaks down well- the first 10 pages is what the players would have access to, 5 pages is for the referee only, and the last 2 pages are an adventure. If you are going to be a player only, just print pages 1-10 and that’s your player’s handbook.
The printer-friendly version is going to be bundled with the full version for the $2.

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