Sunday, May 30, 2010

Refocused and Resolute

Welcome to the new blog/web portal for my games and comics, specifically for Resolute the Superhero RPG 2E. With the new edition of the game, I’ve decided to streamline and re-focus my energies. Maintaining a full web site was both more costly and more effort than was warranted, and I’d rather put that energy elsewhere- specifically into writing and publishing RPGs!

Additionally, I’ve been endeavoring for the last few years to fully support three game lines, and I’ve felt like I’ve always let one game or the other fall through the cracks. Over the last two years, the game that has garnered the most attention has been Resolute the Superhero RPG. I’ve decided to re-launch that game with a second edition, and spend the next year fully-committed to this system. My plan is to update this blog regularly (focusing on superhero gaming), and to publish regular (i.e. monthly) updates for the game.

Resolute 2E will be available on RPGNow as of June 1, and a whole bunch of more information will be coming your way.

Thanks for swinging by, and keep checking in for more!


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