Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arvandoria and Supers 2E Updates

As I go back and forth working on both Resolute: Supers 2E and Towers of Arvandoria, I find myself in the middle of several projects at once. It’s all good! I have at present three projects near completion:

- A bestiary that’s cross-compatible for both systems. This includes nearly 100 monsters that would be just at home lurking in the Citadel of Tomorrow as they would be lairing within one of the Broken Towers of Arvandoria.
- A collection of adventures for Arvandoria. These are adventures that were previously released for Mythweaver as “sojourns”, but they’ve been revised and cleaned up for Arvandoria.
- The Echo City Sourcebook for Supers 2E. This book includes an overview of a city setting, a complete adventure, and game stats for over a dozen new heroes and villains.

As I work on both games at once, I’ve found a few ‘nomenclature’ issues that I will ultimately clean up in revised editions (a revised version of Arvandoria will be out this summer, available as a free update to the existing rules).

- The “Armor” ability in Supers 2E should be changed to “Invulnerability”. Armor in Arvandoria is an ability that allows you to purchase worn protection; invulnerability is an innate protection from physical damage. The super ability works far more like the second than the first. Going forward, I’ll be using “Invulnerability” in place of “Armor” in Supers 2E materials, including a quick note about this in the book.
- “Fighting” in Arvandoria is going to be changed to “arms” to reflect that this is more about wielding weapons than the more generic fighting ability of Supers 2E. The way the ability works will remain unchanged; you’ll still be able to focus arms on melee or missile weapons.

Also, I really like the magic system in Arvandoria. At some point, I plan to expand the scope and spells for magic, and publish a book of magic as a separate guide usable in either system. Magic throughout the Resolute universe will work the same way.

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