Saturday, June 19, 2010

Background and Expansion

In the previous edition, I focused on providing a complete game system with few loose ends. The goal was for everything you needed to be in the core package. With this version, I’ve kept that same concept in mind, but also thought about how and where the game will grow going forward. 2E has more abilities, more combat options, and more background information on the game world- but it also leaves more open for further development. I’ve got an aggressive schedule in mind for additional game resources, and the framework that’s in place provides a logical map for the first set of supplements. With this edition, I’ve endeavored to include a stronger path to extended play, and the supplements are going to further develop Resolute as a long-term, campaign-style game, whereas the previous edition was better-suited to pickup games or a handful of sessions.


  1. Hey! I'm really glad you're still publishing and working on your games! I was also surprised you expanded Mythweaver: Reckoning into a 128 page book. Seems I'm going to have to get it re-printed/bound!

    I'm wondering--Can Resolute 2E be used for a standard fantasy game (aka not Exalted level) or would that stretching the system too far?

  2. Actually, Resolute: Towers of Arvandoria is the Resolute rule set modified for fantasy gaming. There are things about it I actually like better than MW, and there are things about MW I like better than Resolute: ToA. I have to make some minor tweaks to Arvandoria to bring it completely in line with Resolute Supers 2E (the speed rules and combat sequence being the big difference), but I'll have that up this summer (as a free update to the existing rule book).


  3. Cool, thanks for responding back! =)