Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hero's Handbook Now Up

The Hero's Handbook for Resolute: Towers of Arvandoria is now posted on RPGNow. A resource for players of Resolute: Towers of Arvandoria, the Hero’s Handbook provides a wealth of new options for heroes of Arvandoria. Within, you will find:

- Two new heroic races: leprechauns and stoutlings.
- Fourteen new heroic abilities.
- Four new magical powers: chaos magic, eldritch, sorcery and valor magic
- Twenty new magic spells.
- Eleven heroic archetypes. This layers an optional, simple class system over the existing rules; each player can choose to take or not take an archetype as desired.
- Rules for making your game crunchier, including different weapon and armor types.
Innovative rules for adventurer’s satchels, wherein you generate your backpack in play.

As with all Resolute releases, your purchase includes both the illustrated screen version and the printer-friendly black and white version.


  1. I just posted a review on rpgnow. What's next for Resolute? I made some suggestions in my review.

  2. Those were some great ideas... I have a Star Wars hack for Resolute that I really want to publish. I'm not sure whether to distance myself more from SW and change up a number of elements, or whether I should just make it clearly an homage and put it up for free. I was thinking about how spells ended up working in Resolute ToA, and I liked that for how the force works- your basic 'force' power is channeled into your lightsaber as damage; but, you get to purchase stunts each scene: telekinesis, an evasion boost, a pool of deflection points to turn back enemy laser fire, mind control... you get the idea. I made stats for some of the key personalities for SW, and they convert to Resolute nicely. I suppose that will probably be next, although I also have (in various states of notes): a book for the Ambassadors with suggestions for high-level play, a crossover adventure featuring the messari, and a book of legends and lore, giving stats for the gods of myth and legend, Atlantis, and all that stuff for Resolute Supers. I liked the Mecha/Manga suggestion, but that's a genre I don't know much about... but it sounds like it would be fun to research, and see where it takes me!

  3. The best rpg on manga in my opinion is still BESM2e, which is available on rpgnow:

    As far as free and fun research for anime itself, I'd start here:

    As for the Star Wars hack, I'd file the serial numbers off and release it as a $1.00 tie-in to Resolute 2E.

    The Legends and Lore book for Resolute Supers idea sounds great; throw a little Lovecraft in there, and you've got a recipe for some great gaming. I should stop throwing in my opinion and let you get to work on that.