Thursday, August 19, 2010

Revision Notes: Resolute Supers 2E Revised Edition

As I continue to refine Resolute, I have made some tweaks to the game system. While hesitant to release constant updates for the game, I also want to make sure that you have the cleanest, clearest and strongest system to work from. In working on Knights of the Fading Suns and Battle Suits: Mecha and Exoskeletons, I’ve discovered a few ways things could be cleaned up and some abilities that could be simplified. Therefore, I’m releasing this update to the game. Here are the changes between 2E and 2E revised:

- Changed ‘armor’ to ‘invulnerability’ for consistency with other Resolute system games.
- For game balance, revised several abilities that were usable each round to be usable once per scene.
- Clarified uses of hero points vs. fate points; included option for trading in unused fate points at the end of the issue for hero points; removed option of using hero points in place of fate points.
- Changed omni-powers to work as magic does in Arvandoria, with each additional application linked to the primary application, each usable once per turn and purchased as a fixed ability. Also simplified the way ability bonuses are combined.
- Revised and expanded options for exchanging wounds.
- Revised and simplified rules for awarding hero points.
- Simplified rules for exchanging wounds to be compatible with Arvandoria.
- Re-worked terminology on vehicles for consistency and clarity, added a vehicle ability and upgraded vehicle wounds.

Thanks for playing!



  1. I appreciate the updates. Each pdf is like seeing a particular state of the game.

  2. I just hope it doesn't get confusing! I try to clearly label the updates and changes so you don't mix up which version you're working with.