Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Book

I'm starting to lean towards making Resolute TSR available as a print edition as well... this is changing all sorts of things conceptually for me, but I have the time and space to play around with this option. Basically, I think I'd need to expand the game to about 48 pages at a 5.5 x 8.5 size to make print worth it, and then the printed books would be in the $6.95 price range. This would allow me to go a little deeper and add some more things to the core rules (for example, bumping the monster count up closer to 50 creatures, adding some more spells). I love that it's a simple little game with a simple rule set, but even at 48 half-size pages, this is VERY light by RPG standards. I can still claim that it's a small game at this size, but I'm starting to push it. I'll play around with text and layout and see where this takes me... I know that for Mythweaver, one of the things players liked with the digest-size publication was that it worked great on an e-reader. Since more and more people have such devices, it becomes more and more viable to generate content for them.

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