Monday, April 4, 2011

Support Material

One of the things I’m having a small qualm of conscience about is recycling old Mythweaver material into Resolute: TSR terms. For example, I have an introductory adventure that was part of the core rules for Mythweaver 2E that I REALLY liked. I still really like it. One part of me feels like I should be generating all new content, but the other part of me (and what is growing into a larger part over time) feels that I should update this content for Resolute. Here are my arguments in favor of the upgrade:

1. It gets more content out for the game more quickly. Writing even a short adventure takes a good chunk of time. Adapting an adventure I wrote for one game into another game is time consuming, but not nearly as much as crafting from whole cloth.
2. I wrote it, and very few people (comparatively) ever saw most of this stuff. The hardcore 30 or so people who have followed me from project to project will see material that they’ve seen before; my goal is definitely to reach more than 30 players with this game.
3. Much of this content captures the flavor and texture of the world that I want to communicate. These are, in many ways, ‘foundational texts’ for Del Anon. I could re-introduce these ideas in new ways, or I could freshen them up and plug them in as they are.

Basically, I want to be able to release a monthly product to support Resolute, at least in the medium term. I run into trouble every year with scheduling; my schedule frees up after we produce our high school’s musical (February this year, but typically March) and I have about 6 months of a fair amount of free time to work on gaming stuff. Then, school starts back up in September, and I’m neck-deep in the theatrical productions I’m directing; this keeps me hopping through February again. I’d like to find a way to anticipate this cycle this year (ideally by getting a good chunk of content ‘in the can’ before I go into the deepest parts of my schedule), but that’s going to take quite a bit of planning. However, I have at least 4 books worth of material in better than 75% readiness (some of which I’ve never released at all), and this would be a good place to start.

I’m working hard to make sure that Resolute: the Splintered Realm is IT- the game I’ll be supporting for the next several years- and it’s going to be a huge job to get everything aligned with this system as I go. I clearly don’t want to get too far into this process before I completely lock down the core rules, since I don’t want to have to go back and edit a manuscript for a 25th time because I changed a rule or added an ability or something.

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