Sunday, August 14, 2011

Chronicle #1 Now Posted

Chronicles of the Splintered Realm Volume 1: The Abyssal Labyrinth is now posted on RPGNow.

The great dungeon of the world of Del Anon, the Abyssal Labyrinth is a nearly infinite dungeon that connects all realms; it was commissioned by the god of death, but ultimately claimed by the Minotaurs. Within, you will find:

- An overview of the dungeon complex
- Descriptions of the five factions dwelling within the Labyrinth
- Random tables to quickly generate monster encounters, pools, traps, and statues
- 20 new monsters for Resolute: the Splintered Realm
- 36 original dungeon geomorphs

The Chronicles of the Splintered Realm are designed for the Resolute game system, but much of the content is easily converted to your favorite system.

Chronicles of the Splintered Realm Volume 1 is 17 pages for $1.

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