Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fort Morovar

Fort Morovar is the starter home base for heroes in Timbervale. It was once a goblin stronghold, but humans took it during the Great Reckoning, so now it is home to loggers and frontiersmen who see Timbervale as a great resource waiting to be exploited. Of course, the various races of the forest, the druids that protect it, and the goblins who were kicked out don't see things the same way, but we can't all be happy, can we?

FYI, This is the first post that I'm affixing tags to... I figured as I near 150 posts, that I should really start thinking about organizing this blog for posterity (or at least for people who might want to actually use it as a game resource!). I'll be going back and tagging some previous posts as well (maybe all of them ultimately) for a better user experience.

Your tears of joy are thanks enough.

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