Thursday, May 3, 2012

Trying Out a Random Generator

Here's what I've worked up for the fighter archetype... a keystone ability is one you automatically have in that archetype, rolling a base CP investment of D6 + level. All other abilities start with D6 CPs invested. Any ability that starts higher than your keystone ability automatically causes your keystone ability to bump to keep up with it; if I start with 3 CPs invested in weapons as a fighter and I roll to have 4 CPs invested in might, I also bump weapons to 4 CPs to keep pace with this...
Fighter (Keystone Ability: Weapons): As a fighter, you rely on your physical abilities and weapons to face your foes, and on your armor to protect you from harm and act as the shield for others. You get the weapon specialization trait for free; take a +1 shift to damage rolls when using this weapon type.

Fighter Abilities (Roll D12)

1-2. Armor
3. Bonus Attack
4. Evade
5-6. Might
7. Prowess
8. Resolve
9. Shield Use (Trait)
10-11. Toughness
12. Roll on another archetype table

Trying to roll a random fighter...
His keystone ability is weapon, so I roll D6+2 and get 3+2=5 CPs in weapons.
Ability rolls:
(3) Bonus Attack (roll 4 CP investment; this requires a 4 CP investment in might or prowess as well, so I pick might and have might @ 4 CPs as well)
(2) Armor (Roll 1 CP investment)
(8) Resolve (Roll 1 CP investment)
(4) Evade (Roll 4 CP investment)
(5) Might (Roll 2 CP investment, but only 1 CP left, so that’s where it goes)

Balancing: I can drop extra CPs beyond the minimum CP thresholds and move these to other abilities as desired... so I drop the overage from might (1 CP) and move it to weapons.

Armor +1; Bonus Attack +3; Evade +3; Might +3; Resolve +1; Weapons +4; Weapon Specialist (Axes)

I have a lightly-armored fighter with good might (but no prowess) who wields two weapons in combat - a pair of war axes +4. This is not a character I would have created as he is (I’d definitely pick up a little prowess if it was up to me), but it’s not at all a bad build, and is quite playable. He attacks at +3 with each axe each round, dealing +5 damage with each successful strike. This is not too shabby at all.

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