Friday, February 8, 2013

Special Kickstarter Incentive

I was going through my "Army Ant Vaults" today, and found copies of both the 2nd Edition of the MTDAA RPG and uncut sheets of MTDAA trading cards (printed on standard cardstock paper). I'm offering these as bonus incentives to the first 25 people to pledge $50 or more. So, if you are among the first 25 people to pledge at least $50, you will automatically receive a 1st printing of the MTDAA RPG 2nd edition (from 1998) and an uncut sheet of trading cards.
I will post a follow up when this offer has sold out.


  1. Yes it has! Makes me feel old... '15 year anniversary addition' doesn't have quite the ring to it that I'd like, but that's what it is...