Monday, December 30, 2013

Army Ants Adventure Journal Coming Soon

I think that I've FINALLY decided on the format for Army Ants Adventure Journal, and I'm cobbling together the first issue. I wanted to have it out for January 1, but there is pretty much no way this is going to happen. The magazine is effectively going to follow a hex crawl as a group of ants travels into the untamed north. I'm working up a series of random encounter tables for developing hexes that I'll publish in the first issue, as well as a starter mission to get the team going. The default assumption will be that the team will start at Level 2 (since they are going to need some ability to be independent) as the crawl kicks off.

To that end, I went back to my team from the actual play thread and worked through finishing the first mission from the core rules. I've cross-posted the thread at both and the rpgsite. This team will be the soldiers who march into the Untamed North and explore.

In other news, Mary and I have been play testing another game system (based on the Army Ants game engine, but with a completely different approach) that we're quite excited about. I'll be triple-teaming on things for a bit, getting work done on the Shakespeare Deathmatch KS (my top priority as of Thursday(, Army Ants game and comic stuff, and the new project... bwahahahaha.

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