Saturday, December 7, 2013

Dang but I'm having fun!

I'm just having a grand old time!

Shakespeare Deathmatch is plugging along well. We've done minimal promotion for it, and have yet to finish a video for it (things we keep meaning to do, but which keep getting back burnered... we have less than two weeks left in the campaign, so it's probably time to get on top of that!) People have been very excited about it, and we're excited to put it all together. It's a tight little game, and I think people are going to enjoy playing it.

Resolute continues to sell. I'm almost at 100 copies of that sold (92 as of this afternoon on RPGNow), and that's with almost no advertising or promotion. Several people have e-mailed me or messaged me about doing a Resolute Kickstarter and releasing a deluxe edition of the rules. I'm quite tempted to do this, and may consider it after the Shakespeare Deathmatch KS wraps up and I get that project done.

Army Ants stuff plugs along nicely. I've finished two more webcomics in the last 24 hours, and I'm back to being ahead of schedule, which is a good feeling. I've got some work done towards the next game release (which I keep waffling on what that will look like) and should be releasing something new after the first of the year. I'm back to leaning towards the Adventure Journal model, since that would allow me to work on several things at once, and reward me for my scattered approach to all things MTDAA right now!

As far as the webcomic goes, I spent some time playing with different pens, different paper, and different formats, and I've arrived at an approach that I absolutely love, and will continue to use for the foreseeable future. The current strip was near the end of the experimental phase, and the next strip (on Monday) is with the paper/pen combo that I like best. I'm still tweaking lettering pens, but for everything else I'm pretty solid.

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