Monday, January 6, 2014

I'm No Dyson Logos or Matt Jackson, but...

Inspired by both +Dyson Logos  and +matt jackson , I've been playing with some mapping for a megadungeon for the next generation game system that I've got on the back burner (but which is rapidly heating up that burner, and asking to get moved to the front)... There is something I like about each map. The first one is a bit symmetrical, but I like the layout for a tomb. As for the second, I took some of Dyson's suggestions for multiple layers and overlapping elements, and I think that they turned into a cool little map to explore. I see that 'upper level' as an abandoned temple (with an elder force still tied to the statue in the sanctuary) while the lower level has been flooded and is inhabited by oozes and huge rats in the water... it's all bad, here!



  1. Looks wonderful to me, great job! I really like the nice solid line work you did. Looks great!

  2. Thanks, Matt! I totally tried to cop your cross-hatching style, although my lines ended up a bit thicker than yours.

    1. Well, mine are really cheap, sweat-shop made versions of Dysons' lines. ;-)
      The hardest part for me in the beginning was to simply let go and sort of let the pen take control. Sounds sort of wackO-zen or something but these days I find the hatching to be very relaxing and mind-freeing.