Saturday, January 4, 2014

Webcomic Organization and Updating

I've finished the first two chapters of The Fall of Valhalla (I expect it to run 5 chapters, but it can always grow in ways I didn't expect... we'll see). Before starting Chapter 3, I'm going to spend January getting the webcomic organized and adding a number of features, including a 'story so far' page (probably 2-3 pages to get it all in there) and profiles of the major characters (GI Joe File Card style).

I'll post regular updates to the webcomic throughout the month (more than just once a week), but the updates won't be 'comic pages' per se. The Fall of Valhalla storyline picks up in February, with a story that will align with content from Army Ants Adventure Journal #2... it's my first 'crossover event'.

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