Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Level 1 Update

See what happens when I get a snow day? Golly... between this map and my webcomic update, I feel like I've been a very productive boy today!

I added a series of natural caves to the southeast corner, and this actually unified my entire concept of the Vaults. The goblins inhabited these natural caves long before they established the Vaults or the fortified keep (now held by men and dwarves) that sits over it. Their interactions with dark entities dwelling in the pools (in the middle of the new natural cavern complex) led them into contact with even stronger (and darker) forces, and set events in motion that led to the creation of the Vaults. The areas don't connect directly because these caves layer underneath the existing pieces, so you have to line up the natural caves that connect to the larger structure.

I like that this also has one external entrance to somewhere other than within the keep - but I also like that it's a secret door. It may be a poorly kept secret in the humanoid world, but among humans and dwarves, it has yet to be discovered - meaning that all manner of nastiness could have walked right in unseen by the humans living up top.

The revised map, for your edification (and yes... I think that level 1 is now pretty much finished excepting a sub-level or two that I might add later on)...

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