Sunday, March 9, 2014

Vault of the Goblin Session 6

Well, it wasn't by design, but tonight's adventure was brought to us by the letter 'G' - ghouls, gnolls and gelatinous cubes!

The whole fellowship has now leveled (the dwarf and cleric are level 2, Mary's elf is level 2, and her two goblin henchmen archers are level 2). They explored the main entryway (center of the map - area 1) and the secret room (area 2) that the dwarf already knew about. They then proceeded east, where they were greeted by a pack of rats fleeing before five hungry ghouls that were chasing (area 19). We tried out new rules for turning undead, and I liked how these worked; Macheon (the cleric) was able to keep 2 at bay with his holy symbol while the other 3 approached and the fellowship dispatched them. Then, they were able to polish off the other 2.

They found the tombs from which the ghouls had come (area 18), found the magical sigil traps at the bottoms of two of the tombs (via a detect evil spell - I ruled that these were cursed sigils) and recovered a small treasure. They proceeded on and found a trapped hallway with a pressure plate east of area 17 (the dwarf and both goblins rolled well enough to notice the raised pressure plate on the floor) and continued on to the next room, surprising the 6 gnolls who were trying to bypass a magical door (area 17). After defeating the gnolls, they threw a sack full of rocks at the pressure plate, and two cubes dropped out of hidden alcoves in the ceiling. They secured the door, used a bless scroll, and waited for the first cube to eat through the door. They were able to bottleneck the cubes, forcing them to come through one at a time, and using the dwarf and cleric (both pretty high AC) to guard the door while Mary's elf and the two goblins peppered them with arrows.

All told, they recovered some more coin, a potion of healing, and a minor ring of spell storing (it will give Mary's character +1 spell of sphere 1 per day).

Each character earned 200 xp, which was a decent take for the night. They have explored (in order) areas 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 1, 2, 19, 18 and 17.

For your edification: the keyed version of the map we're using:

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