Sunday, July 27, 2014

Goblin Watchtower

In moving towards wrapping up the core rules, I decided an introductory adventure was required. Originally, I planned to skip this since the core rules will also have Vault of the Goblin as part of the package, then I realized that someone may end up with just this one book, and that I could/should use the intro adventure as a teaching tool for the GM. I was going to save that GM instruction for Vault of the Goblin (and I still may save some of it), but at least a primer to running the adventure has to go in the core rules. I like the old school vibe of the map, and it has enough nooks and crannies to do some things that are a little less conventional. Want to descend the well to attack the tower? Go for it. Want to march in the front door? Okay. Want to rummage 'round at the bottom of the pit under the draw bridge? Cool! You might find the secret door...

In terms of the adventure itself, I think that the hook is that the fellowship is exploring while the bandits who have claimed the tower are away... and the boys come home as the PCs are exploring. This gives them a number of interesting options... they can defend the tower (close the draw bridge and fire up the ballistae) or hide out and try to pick them off... or simply take advantage of one of the many means of escape, if they feel the bandits are too much to deal with. Of course, there are other things to deal with in the natural caves that have crawled out of the water, too...

FYI, that dotted line down the middle is a knotted rope. The ladders they used to have are long since rotted, and the new residents have run a long knotted rope through fireman holes to allow you to go up and down (assuming you have the muscle to do it).

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