Saturday, July 26, 2014

More Maps

Two maps of vastly different styles/approaches. I have been trying to mix up the elemental halls a little in terms of design of the maps, and I like how this elemental ice hall came out, with the big glacier pushing in through the south, and the skating rink over to the east (and the ice slide to the west)... maybe my daughter's been making me watch Frozen too much.

Then, I wanted to go a little more classic and old school (since my last few maps have been stretching me more) and decided to finish the rest of level 1, with the "slaver's stockade" where the goblins kept and tortured their prisoners/slaves. There was once a passage in the southwest corner that lead to the outside world, but during the Goblin Wars that was sealed off, so the only way to access this level is from the central stair. I see this as the terminus of exploration of Level 1 (in fact, many fellowships may not even get here, since it's a pretty remote corner of the first level), but I also see it as ideal for a place to set up as a base of operations. Once you clear out the undead lingering here and the all of the spiders, this would be a fancy HQ for an ambitious fellowship... convert that little chaos temple to law, fire up the old baths, clean out the prisons and torture chamber, and you have a nice little home away from home!

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