Thursday, October 30, 2014

A BIG Update

Here's a bit to chew on...

1. The core rules for Saga of the Splintered Realm are now available (thanks to the Kickstarter backers!) as a pay what you want download. The rules are going to see some minor tweaks to aesthetics of the layout and tables over the next few months before the print edition is released, but this core book is good to go. Get your copy now! I'd love to hear what you think, since many of the final decisions were made behind the scenes, and were not part of discussions I threw out there...

2. I've gone back and forth quite about about my responsibilities/commitments, and based on my health situation (see #3 if you want to know), I'm going to suspend my Army Ants Patreon Campaign effective tomorrow (so that no one is billed for November). I've struggled this month to keep up with updates with everything going on, and I've decided that the game is the bigger priority, so I've put all of my energies there. I still owe the Patreon supporters some Army Ants stuff, and (although they may have to wait a bit for it), I think they'll be happy with what they eventually get. I plan to eventually re-group and re-launch that campaign in the future, but for the next few months I just cannot guarantee regular updates.

3. On the medical front - I have a stage 3/4 cancerous tumor in my right sinus (the official term is esthesioneuroblastoma if you're interested in googling it like I did and freaking out)... I have surgery on November 10th, and will have several months of radiation and recovery after. I am getting as much work done before the 10th as I can, because I expect to be pretty much useless for a while after. I know that many people have been sending kind words, thoughts and prayers my way, and I truly appreciate all of it.


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